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We love our dogs. That’s for sure. And if you are on this platform then we know it’s the love for your dog that has brought you here. We would like to let you know that you are in very good company because CompuPets is a leading online platform and resource center for all information about dogs, from breeding, to training, to dog shows and much more

Many dog owners have struggled with finding legitimate online information platforms where they can access information about dogs such as breeding information, training information, feeding information, grooming products, dog shows, and much more. When you have a dog, all you want is for it to have the best care possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are keeping the dog as a pet, whether it’s a guard dog, or any other functions it does, all dogs need to be well cared for in order for them to give you the best service.

Our goal as CompuPets is to ensure that dog owners have the most relevant information that has been vetted to ensure that it’s factual and helpful. We encourage all our readers to actively take part in the vetting process of this information by giving their feedback on what works and what doesn’t based on their own experiences. This platform is for dog owners by dog owners, if you get our drift.

We are excited about the information we will bring to you and the feedback we will get from you.

Many thanks

Betty Scott

Chief Editor – CompuPets